• Understand your customers

    Have more meaningful conversations

  • Understand your customers

    Have more meaningful conversations

Better segmentation leads to better conversations

Optimize your marketing spend

  • Learning where customers engage with your brand can help to determine which messages will resonate within each channel. From there, you can start to group similar customers together for more accurate targeting based on their interests, behaviors, or other set of shared attributes.

  • Getting the most from your marketing spend means focusing on extending the reach without increasing the cost per customer acquisition. With better segmentation, you can reduce reliance on generic messages and improve campaign performance.

Your customers may surprise you

Uncover insights to create more effective campaigns

  • When your perception of your customers is limited to static data sets, you have an incomplete view of your customers. Leveraging data enrichment tools can be helpful, but they can lack the ability to deliver real-time insights as customers engage across multiple channels.

With Lytics, Haymarket Media discovered several things about its readers that it didn’t know. These insights allowed Haymarket to uncover new audiences for topical content that was previously untapped.

For example, Lytics revealed that nurse practitioners often displayed an affinity for specific types of content, even when they identified as primary care providers. In identifying more customers with similar interests, Haymarket Media are able to deliver more ad impressions and get more value from their original content.

Knowing where and how your customers engage leads to getting the most from your advertising budget and reduces delivering messages to the wrong audience.

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