Customer Stories & Feedback

Learn how customers put our Customer Data Platform to work.

Personalized, Pet-specific Recommendations

The consumer is central in every decision and every strategy. Lytics helps us serve the individual with what they need and want, and build trust in our brands.

Sue Haddrill, Director of Marketing Technology & Integrated Data, Nestlé Purina PetCare

Combining Content with the Customer

Our marketing technology strategy is all about combining content with the customer. The result of the partnership with Lytics has played a key role in our ability to quadruple our subscription revenue over the last three years.

Steve Lok, Head of Marketing Technology & Operations, The Economist

Connecting Individual Fans with Concerts they Love

Our work with Lytics makes it possible to understand and map an individual's profile against diverse artist profiles with high confidence to serve up the right concerts.

Alejandro Arevalo, Director of CRM, AEG Presents

Enhancing B2B Personalization

We use Lytics to build hyper-targeted segments and create personalized messages that resonate with that audience. If even a few of those visitors convert, we are able to drive significant revenue for the company.

James Capo, VP Business Development, Access Intelligence

Build One-to-One Interactions

We’re excited about the launch of Lytics Personalization and the ability to quickly build one-to-one interactions with website visitors rather than exhaust our own internal resources. In addition to ease-of-use and deployment, Lytics Personalization allows us to leverage our Customer Data Platform in new ways on our media properties and extend the personalization we’re already using to enhance our third-party email and online advertising tools.

Alex Ford, CEO, Praetorian Digital

Visualize Customer Journeys

We've been successfully using Lytics' customer data platform to personalize email outreach to prospective customers. We are excited about the new reporting product because it will help us both better visualize our customers' journeys and potentially determine how we can expand our use of personalized marketing. David Bradley, CRM executive at Racing Post

David Bradley, CRM executive, Racing Post

Unify User Data to Improve Email

Being able to merge social, web, and email signals lets us have a better conversation with customers beyond email makes our marketing better.

Tyler Holmes, Director of Performance, EROI