Customer Stories & Feedback

Learn how customers put our Customer Data Platform to work.

Access Intelligence

Enhancing B2B Personalization

“We use Lytics to build hyper-targeted segments and create personalized messages that resonate with that audience. If even a few of those visitors convert, we are able to drive significant revenue for the company.”

James Capo, VP Business Development, Access Intelligence


Target Your Best Customers

“Previously, we didn't have a way to target members from our most important cohorts on our website. With Lytics Personalization, identifying and messaging this group on site is easy. We're excited about adding additional on-site messaging to targeted user groups in the future. This opportunity equals immediate and significant revenue for us.”

Emma McIlroy, CEO, Wildfang


Build One-to-One Interactions

“We’re excited about the launch of Lytics Personalization and the ability to quickly build one-to-one interactions with website visitors rather than exhaust our own internal resources. In addition to ease-of-use and deployment, Lytics Personalization allows us to leverage our Customer Data Platform in new ways on our media properties and extend the personalization we’re already using to enhance our third-party email and online advertising tools.”

Alex Ford, CEO, Praetorian Digital

Getty Images

Immediate Results

“Using Lytics Personalization software on our site to drive traffic to our Chrome browser plug-in we saw a five-times increase in daily downloads.”

Jason Widup, Senior Director of Demand Generation and Marketing Operations, Getty Images


Better User Understanding

“By allowing us to use data to drive better marketing decisions, Lytics has given us a competitive edge. Having Lytics is like having a data scientist on our team. I have two words to describe Lytics: amazing stuff.”

Luiz Albuquerque, Digital Marketing Manager, Minicabster.

Racing Post

Visualize Customer Journeys

“We've been successfully using Lytics' customer data platform to personalize email outreach to prospective customers. We are excited about the new reporting product because it will help us both better visualize our customers' journeys and potentially determine how we can expand our use of personalized marketing. David Bradley, CRM executive at Racing Post”

David Bradley, CRM executive, Racing Post


Tailoring High-Performance Experiences

“Lytics takes data from all your systems to make them smarter. It's an amazing way for us to tailor amazing customer experiences across our channels.”

Craig Schinn, Senior Director of Marketing, The Clymb


Segment Your Audiences

“By helping combine marketing data that comes from multiple sources, including client side web behavior and server side data, Lytics serves as our customer hub for all audience segmentation.”

Tyler Bullen, optimization manager, Simple


Unify User Data to Improve Email

“Being able to merge social, web, and email signals lets us have a better conversation with customers beyond email makes our marketing better.”

Tyler Holmes, Director of Performance, EROI