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AEG Presents

AEG Presents connects with millions of music fans to serve personal concert recommendations. To do this, AEG turned fragmented customer data into precise knowledge about customer music preferences for more effective concert marketing.

AEG Presents promotes and markets all aspects of live contemporary music performance. It is one of the largest live event promoters in the world with more than 10,000 events annually around the globe. Its goal is to offer music fans a live event experience they will love. While booking concerts is an art, targeting music fans with a promotion for a concert they'll likely want to attend should be a science. That's where a partnership with Lytics comes into play.

But getting to the promise of personalized, relevant marketing was challenging. Here’s why:

  • AEG Presents works with every combination of venue, from small clubs to large arenas. That requires a CRM tool everyone could use regardless of structure or ownership.
  • It must send out, with high confidence, concert suggestions fans will want, which is challenging given the wide and varied interest in music styles and bands.
  • Unreliable fan profiles made it challenging to know who to target for a particular concert and which recommendations would most delight fans.
  • Fragmented, unstructured customer data that lived across various tools and channels compounded the problem.

In addition to these issues, AEG Presents wasn’t sure how to overcome the challenges of scaling their marketing programs. Their journey of discovery led them to the Lytics Customer Data Platform (CDP). A CDP helped AEG Presents see how they could realize the promise of personalized, one-to-one marketing and serve the individual what they love in an automated way, reducing campaign time to market.

Worked the data to make the data work

Lytics worked with AEG to unify internal data with external data, then mapped the data to understand which types of music individual customers were interested in. Incorporating internal tools, AEG Presents connected Lytics to downstream marketing tools to send the right content to each customer segment.

With individual fan profiles now built from various data sources and downstream channel data, AEG Presents is on a path to connect to millions of fans personally, at scale, with more efficiency and at a lower cost.

Focused reach for increased relevance

Using Lytics, AEG Presents focused its reach and increased relevance for each event to fill concert seats at a lower cost. This frees up dollars to spend on more expensive channels that are better at driving large-scale traffic. With help from Lytics, the improved process and efficiencies achieved through automation led to an 80% reduction in campaign execution time.

Personalization at scale builds lifetime value

With machine learning, AEG Presents is geared up to offer automated personalization at scale. AEG Presents created fan profiles via affinity for specific recording artists so they can segment people based on actual behavior, like past ticket purchases, rather than unreliable aggregated demographic information. This approach to personalization leads the consumer to feel known and understood, which builds loyalty and increases lifetime value.

Alejandro Arevalo, AEG Presents Director of CRM:

"What I've found most attractive about Lytics, that ultimately led us to consider them as a partner, probably is threefold. The first part has to do with the ease with which we were able to onboard our data into that platform.

"The second is how the platform itself, it makes it very easy for us to manipulate the data and use it for whatever use case we need on any of the channels.

"The third piece has to do with [Lytics] predictive capabilities, because sometimes signals are not strong enough for us to really determine which is the best way to go, and some cluster analysis or modeling is necessary to really figure out what the best way to go is. And that's where we're headed now, and we're excited about that."

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