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Reduced cost per acquisition by 20%

Ask The Motley Fool’s marketing team about their 2019 marketing results and they’ll tell you they’ve reduced cost per acquisition by 20% for some of their most valuable targeted prospects. Ask them how and they’ll tell you about smart data strategy, targeting users at scale, and implementing Lytics’ best-inbreed Customer Data Platform (CDP).

“In addition to being a CDP where we could centralize our first-party data and gain a more holistic view of our users, Lytics offered personalization and machine learning capabilities that were of interest to us. We sat through five other demos with vendors offering personalization capabilities previously, but all came up short when it came to seamlessly integrating with our data in a way that we could quickly and easily leverage the personalization features.”

The Motley Fool’s Marketing Challenge

When the brand started researching Customer Data Platforms, the ultimate goal was personalization. They wanted to centralize their user data, manage audiences in real time, and target and personalize for those audiences at scale.

They started out researching personalization platforms, but the deeper they dug into the solutions available, the more they realized that those solutions were falling short of their goals. Which is when they turned their attention to best-in-breed CDPs.

As Nate Wallingsford, Head of US Marketing Operations & Optimization, explains:

“The near-term business challenge we were trying to solve was to centralize our user data, manage audiences under a platform that had real-time capabilities, and integrate those audiences seamlessly into our major marketing channels to target at scale…[After sitting through five personalization platform presentations], we realized that a CDP was a better solution for our marketing needs. We’d heard about Lytics through a referral at a MarTech conference and began investigating.”

And so the company started researching CDPs—with a clear set of goals in hand—and ultimately chose Lytics.

Download the full case study to see how The Motley Fool reached their marketing goals using Lytics CDP.

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