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With Lytics, SourceMedia is able to offer valuable, high-revenue-generating advertising programs by targeting subscribers with more relevant content, capturing individual behavioral data, and segmenting audiences by interests and likelihood to engage.

With an audience of over two million qualified professionals, SourceMedia prides itself on high-quality industry content for subscribers and strong partnerships with their advertising clients. To meet the demands of both key stakeholders, SourceMedia needed a way to provide more result-oriented marketing programs relevant to both advertiser and subscriber alike.

A purpose-built solution for Account-Based Marketing programs

SourceMedia turned to Lytics because its customer data platform (CDP) allows companies to cohesively measure audience engagement across communication touchpoints (web, email, events, etc.), surface subscriber affinities for specific topics, and reveal subscriber intent using predictive data science. Because these purpose-built capabilities help identify the engaged subscribers most likely to interact with an advertising client’s content, SourceMedia decided to use Lytics’ customer data platform as the foundation for their new Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Solution as opposed to building a similar system in-house, which would have been costly and time-consuming.

(Fewer) quality beats (higher) quantity

Increasingly, advertisers are holding their publisher partners more accountable for their role in achieving business results. No longer satisfied with unqualified lists of 200-plus contacts, or banner ads directed at large and unqualified audiences, advertisers look to publisher partners like SourceMedia to help them find a smaller, more targeted set of leads that the publisher can demonstrate are highly engaged with that advertiser’s content.

For example, a segment holding readers who are “highly engaged executives who download a piece of sponsored banking content and have a high affinity for both bonds and investment strategy,” is a lot more valuable than a list of email addresses and industry types. Lytics enables SourceMedia to identify these highly specific audience targets based on an advertiser’s own key account criteria coupled with various degrees of intent so that SourceMedia can deliver improved results to its advertisers.

Real-time data science beats static analytics

Traditional marketing analytics (recent website visits, clicks, email opens, etc.) don’t always tell the whole story—are not always indicative of intent. Lytics scores every person—both anonymous and known—with behavioral metrics such as intensity, frequency, momentum, and propensity, and allows SourceMedia to uses these scores in combination with traditional marketing metrics to reveal predictive qualities such how likely a user is to engage or disengage.

Using this behavioral data, SourceMedia was able to segment their subscription audiences into various engagement levels as a basis for their marketing programs. The media company also uses Lytics’ Content Affinity Engine to match engaged subscribers with advertiser content for which they have a high affinity or interest.

Dramatically higher—and better—leads changes the game

For one advertiser client in the employee benefits industry, SourceMedia used Lytics to segment key audiences for that advertiser and then develop a content series that was highly relevant to each audience segment based on their unique content affinities. After using the data to tailor messaging to its audiences’ intent, SourceMedia was able to deliver 348 new leads (after guaranteeing 250) while migrating 43% of the prospects through the sales funnel with a multi-channel activation campaign orchestrated through Lytics.

From there, SourceMedia was able to identify 22 highly-qualified prospects for their sales team to contact against a benchmark of 15. This allowed the client to quickly identify the hot prospects within the larger list, and at the same time, continue to nurture those individuals within the overall lead pool who may have only been in research mode.

Relevant content leads to increased subscribers, decreased opt-outs, higher revenue

SourceMedia’s data-driven Account-Based Marketing Solution has allowed the media company to realize a seven-figure increase in advertising revenue in under a year. As a data-driven marketing technology partner, SourceMedia’s relationship with its clients has become more consultative—allowing them to dive deeper into their data sets to see what content resonates with audiences, what gaps need to be filled, and how to build programs through a variety of tools like targeted email and native ad placements. By targeting subscribers with more relevant content the media company has decreased opt-out rates while increasing overall subscriber engagement.

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