Open Source Projects

Open source technologies are part of what makes the Lytics Customer Data Platform work.

Our Philosophy

We owe a lot of our progress to open source technologies and we're happy to give back how we can. Check out the following open source projects that help drive our Customer Data Platform.

Learn, fork, play, contribute.

We're constantly improving the core technologies that help us serve our customers. And as always, we're looking to learn more from the rest of the community.

Open Source Projects

Go: metafora

Distributed long-running work system in Go.

Metafora is a Go Library for building masterless distributed work systems. It's intended for long-running (minutes to permanent) tasks which must be executed once and only once.

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Go: anomalyzer

Probability-based anomaly detection in Go.

Inspired by Etsy's Skyline package, Anomalyzer implements a suite of statistical tests that yield the probability that a given set of numeric input, typically a time series, contains anomalous behavior.

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Go: confl

Config parser for Go.

This is a config parser most similar to Nginx, supports Json format, but with line-breaks, comments, etc. Also, like Nginx is more lenient.

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Go: dateparse

Go Parse any date, multi-format fast date parser.

Parse Any date format without knowing format in advance. Uses a Scan/Lex based approach to minimize shotgun based parse attempts. See bench_test.go for performance comparison.

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Go: multibayes

Multiclass naive Bayesian document classification.

The multibayes library strives to offer efficient storage and calculation of multiple Bayesian posterior classification probabilities.

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Add on to Ember Data to support nested JSON documents.

This package provides support for sub-models that can be treated much like belongsTo and hasMany relationships are, but whose persistence is managed completely through the parent object.

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HyperLogLog++ for Go.

This is a Go implementation of the HyperLogLog++ algorithm from "HyperLogLog in Practice: Algorithmic Engineering of a State of The Art Cardinality Estimation Algorithm" by Heule, Nunkesser and Hall of Google.

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Lytics SDK for Go.

The Lytics SDK for go offers easy integration with all public REST API endpoints. This library is actively being managed and every effort will be made to ensure that all handling reflects the best methods available.

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