Optimize your marketing spend by powering your marketing stack with Lytics and Google Marketing Platform

Marketing teams have invested in a number of tools to build a MarTech stack, yet are still feeling challenged or having difficulties accomplishing their tasks that result in hitting the targeted goals or audiences with their online advertising efforts.

With data stored in various platforms and managed by different teams, there isn’t a clear view of who your customers are and how they’re engaging with your brand.

Gain marketing insights and drive smarter engagement

Lytics with Google Ad Manager allows marketers to generate revenue on their website by displaying ads inline with the site's content.

Lytics identifies your visitor, even if they are anonymous and combines all known information about that particular visitor to improve ad targeting.

  • Integrate Lytics with Google Ads to enable marketing teams to export Lytics audiences for remarketing lists.

  • Use engagement scores to refine audience targeting and improve ad spend ROI.

  • Pass audiences to expand the level of targeting available for any Google Ad Manager Ad Unit, which can lead to more targeted impressions and higher clickthrough rates.

Turn insights into actions

With the integration of Lytics and Google Analytics, gain insights and visibility to understand how customers are engaging with content, why they convert, and know what’s working (or not working).

  • Leverage Lytics with Google to drive marketing results by using the data you already have to provide deeper analysis in real-time via intelligent reports in an easy-to-use and shareable interface.

Enable efficient, cross-functional team collaboration

Lytics is the only customer data platform with a tag automatically available in Google Tag Manager allowing you to quickly start collecting the data needed to build 360° customer profiles.

With this seamless tag integration, you can measure conversions, site analytics and more without having to touch any website code.

  • Enable efficient, cross-functional team collaboration between marketing and IT.

  • The IT team will appreciate the speedy tag loading, error checking, and security features.

  • The marketing team will have access to the data needed empower data-driven business goals based on customer engagement and behaviors.

Put ads in front of those more likely to convert

Optimize the spend on acquisition or retention strategies by using Lytics and Google Ad Platform to target users based on the signals they’ve sent such as recent engagement or their level of affinity for a specific topic.

  • Use the direct integration between Lytics and Google Ad Platform to increase the efficiency in recognizing and suppressing existing customers.

  • With real-time syncing to ensure any audience changes or preferences are updated to Google Ad Platform, ad delivery can targeted to those most likely to convert.

Make testing easier and more efficient with insight-driven experiences

Build smarter, more efficient tests — leveraging A/B, multivariate, or redirect — across the entire website with Lytics and Google Optimize. Lytics is integrated into Optimize to deliver better personalization enabling more customized website experiences for each type of audience.

  • Take action using insights gained from Lytics to adapt the website based on the user’s unique customer journey by delivering the content they want.