• Deliver personalized experiences

    Drive 1:1 marketing and increase ROI

  • Deliver personalized experiences

    Drive 1:1 marketing and increase ROI

Use the right data in the right channel

Get clarity across your data sources

  • With different teams using different sources to engage with customers, there’s an increased risk of delivering a less than optimal customer experience. Using a customer data platform allows you to centralize your data and focus on moving your customers through to completing a goal such as making a purchase, renewing a subscription, or reading more content.

  • Your customer’s behaviors and levels of engagement change over time — this means the shelf-life of static data is limited. Without real-time data available, relying on static data can lead to missing customers when they’re ready to purchase, renew, or engage.

Improve ROI through real-time delivery

Meet your customers where they are

  • Knowing where your customers are is half the battle. Deploying messages in the moment and within different channels means you need to know where your customers are and which message will resonate.

Regit is focused on presenting the right message to the right person in the right place, which was previously a challenge as the "place" often changed depending on the customer.

With Lytics, Regit targets customers with personalized ads across Facebook, Google, and other channels — offering a significant step forward from the static email-driven campaigns of the past — allowing for adjustments as new customer data comes to light.

Using the Lytics customer data platform provides insights into your customer’s actions today as well as how they’re likely to behave in the future. Creating a strategy enabling more targeted personalization across your marketing channels is achievable.

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