The Smart Customer Data and Marketing Analytics Platform

Knowing what individual customers want is complex. Use a smart Customer Data Platform (CDP) to power smart marketing and drive impressive results through analytics
Data Collection
Profile Unification
Customer Segmentation
Predict & Decide

Connect the data you need at the speed of your customers

Lytics supports data feeds at the pace of business, giving marketers near realtime access to actions, behaviors, and events that impact user profiling.

Scale from a few events to a few billion events

Lytics runs on Google Cloud, offering the flexibility and power to scale up as needed to handle events from across the enterprise.

Integrate your existing data strategies

Lytics CDP partners with whatever EDW, CRM, or other customer record strategy is in place, making the data in these systems actionable, and even making richer data easier to push into these systems.

Have actionable profiles for anonymous and known customers

Lytics automates the process for both collecting and merging anonymous and known user profiles that update in real time and can be passed through to downstream tools.

Beyond demographics with Lytics Behavioral Scores and Content Affinity

Outside of basic demographic data, Lytics helps its customers to truly understand the individuals that interact with their brand by enriching profiles with engagement and content affinity score—enabling smarter customer segmentation.

Unify data without destructive merges

The Lytics identify graph keeps progressive profiles on every visitor, over time and across every moment of engagement, without ever overwriting any data.

Profiles driven by multiple user keys

Some solutions require the creation of a new master key or the identification of a single key for joining records. Lytics flexibly allows profiles to be built off of multiple user keys, leading to more identity matches, at a higher level of accuracy.

Centralized smart audiences with insights from across the organization

Lytics connects data from anywhere, leveraging a complete, unified view of every customer into centralized segments that can be delivered downstream to all your marketing channels.

Updated and available in realtime

Audience membership is updated in realtime to reflect in-the-moment customer interests and behaviors. Never miss an opportunity to deliver an experience to customers when they most need it.

Support goal-based journeys

Lytics automatically generates audiences based on defined conversion goals that make up stages of a customer journey. Individual customers will be served the best next experiences for them, when and where they are most likely to convert, through the power of machine learning.

Tailor communications with custom content

Natural language processing learns what content topics each customer cares about. Leverage these insights to serve personalized content and experiences that matter to each individual.

Drive custom predictions using the same Machine Learning that drives Lytics

Use Lytics as a tool to find out why customers move between two audience segments with predictive audience insights that identify not only who is most likely to convert, but also what actions should be taken to convert them.

Orchestrate cross channel campaigns, driven by the next best message

Real people never follow a linear path to conversion. Lytics journeys know what experience to serve in the moment using continuous machine learning—optimizing every experience to be as unique as the person who receives it.

Customer & audience insights available across the entire business

Direct integration to over 100 tools means not waiting for importing and exporting. Marketers can select a Lytics Audience right inside their marketing tools and know they're working with the most up-to-date, in-the-moment customer data.

Trigger experiences based on the customer's journey

Audience membership stays in sync, in real-time, between Lytics and all integrated marketing tools. That way, as customers move in and out of Lytics audiences, specific experiences can be triggered automatically in any connected system.

The virtuous cycle

As activations take place in connected marketing tools, new events and insights are picked up in real-time by Lytics, creating richer profiles and customer knowledge, which in turn may cause changes to audience membership, advancement through customer journeys and ultimately the triggering of new, different activations in downstream tools. The cycle continues for the lifetime of the relationship between brand and customer.

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