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Lytics Audience Discovery

Audience Discovery uses predictive modeling to analyze movement between a source audience and a target audience, to discover unique audiences that are deemed most likely to convert, and why.

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Lytics Optimization

Cut through the noise with a relevant individualized message by using machine learning to predict when and what a person is likely to engage with next.

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Lytics Orchestration

Accelerate the customer journey towards a specific marketing outcome, activate your message across all channels, and continue to learn from the centralized intelligence of your customer data.

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Lytics personalization overview

Lytics Personalization allows a marketer to create and execute eye-catching digital campaigns with customized content for different audiences.

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Lytics Content Affinity Overview

The Lytics Content Affinity Engine provides marketers with a real-time inventory of their website content. Marketers can use this information to shape their content marketing strategy and to execute personalized marketing campaigns to audience segments based on their interest-level in a particular topic.

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Lytics Solution Overview

Lytics enables you to reconnect with your customers and have meaningful conversations, in the channels they prefer, using the marketing tools you already have. Powered by always-on customer data and machine learning, the Lytics platform helps you know each customer deeply, and make them feel understood. From easy to use web personalization templates to intelligently orchestrated cross-channel marketing campaigns, Lytics powers the experiences you create for your customers, leveraging your existing channel tools.

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Lytics Orchestrate Overview: Optimize User Experiences

Our new Orchestrate product is the first step in providing marketers with a centralized, visual canvas to actually understand, first, what’s going on with their customer data and, second, use that knowledge to orchestrate seamless, omnichannel marketing campaigns.

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