Design Better Conversations with Your Customers with Real-Time Website Personalization

Meet your customers where they are in their journey and deliver meaningful content and offers to them, even as their needs change.

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Converse with Customers Where They Meet You

Lytics uses your existing marketing tools to deliver the right experiences to your customers, automatically. Like all good conversations, Lytics lets you pick up where you left off with each customer, in the place that makes the most sense for them. Whether that’s in email, on Facebook, the web or another medium, Lytics creates a coherent conversation with your customers that naturally flows and leaves them with the feeling you “get them”.

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Create Personalized Web Experiences

Lytics offers an easy to use web personalization wizard to present targeted messages to different audiences in real-time on your website. Since pre-built templates and push-button wizards aren’t for everyone, we also offer robust developer-friendly tools for those that prefer the API approach.

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Synchronize your Audiences

Lytics connectors are bi-directional, allowing data to flow into Lytics, and for Lytics segments to appear in your favorite tool. Build lookalike models in Facebook Business Manager based on a Lytics segment or build a new Experiment in Optimizely based on a specific audience— all backed by machine learning. Lytics makes all of your marketing tools better and smarter.

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Orchestrate Conversations with your Customers

Have truly one-to-one conversations with your customers and deliver customer experiences with the marketing tools you already use. Instead of trying to synchronize all your customer data to all of your tools, Lytics simply passes the customer identity and the next best action to be taken to the required channel, using the right tool. This reduces complexity and lessens the risk of data exposure, resulting in a fluid, coherent conversation with your customer.