Know your customers with the Lytics Customer Data Platform

Powered by always-on customer data and machine learning, our platform helps you know each customer deeply and makes them feel understood.

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Deliver experiences that make your customers feel known.


Connect Customer Data From All Your Favorite Tools

Your customer data may be scattered in a dozen different tools and databases. Connect all of it into one, centralized data hub. Lytics resolves your data into a coherent profile for each of your customers, so you can begin marketing to them one-to-one.

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Enrich Customer Profiles with Machine Learning

The moment data starts flowing into the Lytics platform, our machine learning algorithms get to work. For every user profile, we surface data science-based insights and behavioral scores that give you deep understanding and a marketing edge.

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Orchestrate Your Customer's Experience

Operationalize the intelligence you now have about your customers. Design automated experiences and deliver exactly what your consumer cares about, wherever they meet you.

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Have Meaningful Conversations With Your Customers

Serve each customer in the best possible way—in the channels they prefer. Lytics automatically powers the experiences you create for your customers, using your existing tools.

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