Use machine learning to deliver the most relevant message in each of your connected channels by predicting when a person is likely to be receptive to a marketing message, and what type of message will resonate.

Automate the next best experience for each individual

Scalable personalization to a segment of one exceeds human capacity. It requires in-depth understanding of an individual’s preferences, an even deeper understanding of the content available to serve them, and a strategy of engagement that uses machine learning to predict when they’re most likely to engage in a certain channel.

Which channel do they prefer?

Needs Experience Scoring leverages historical behaviors to calculate a real-time score that’s representative of an individual's desire for a message in each of your marketing channels.

Which message is relevant?

Experience Decisioning assesses your prioritization of messages, as well as past performance to determine the optimal message for an individual within that channel.

When is the best time?

Delivery Optimization analyzes past engagement patterns to predict when their next engagement is likely to take place, and delivers the message automatically within that time window.

Measure success across your journey

Journey performance reporting gives you visibility into the success that Lytics is bringing to your campaigns — drill in to each stage or experience to identify reach, clicks, conversions, and progression toward your marketing goals.

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