Connect your Tools

  • Connect all your customer data
    Integrations List

    Your customer data may be scattered in a dozen different tools and databases—Lytics connects all of that into one, centralized data hub. Lytics resolves the data into a coherent customer profile for each of your customers, allowing you to begin marketing to them one-to-one, right away.

  • Integrate Right Out-of-the-Box
    Google Tag Manager Integration

    Lytics already integrates with leading marketing technology platforms you use today, and anything else you can think of. Lytics is the only Customer Data Platform natively listed in Google tag manager—making activation simple!
    Check out our full list of integrations.

  • Onboard your Data
    Data Streams

    Connecting your marketing tools isn’t always enough. Sometimes that data isn’t clean or even usable. We help you sort through it with tools, tactics and techniques so your incoming data is ready to use to drive action with your customers.

  • Resolve your Customer's Identity
    Graph Model

    Data all in one place is useless if you can’t connect how it’s leveraged across the tools you use. Using our identity resolution capabilities you can see your customer as the individual that they are. Lytics stores all your customer data in a graph database, where all the knowledge you have about an individual is linked together. Lytics stays connected to your data sources so the graph is updated in real time as new knowledge comes in.