Content Affinity

Our Content Affinity Engine powers one-to-one
marketing by classifying your website into topics and
matching the right content to the right user.

  • Build a deep content taxonomy without lifting a finger
    Content Overview

    Keywords often miss subtle concepts and inferred ideas on your website. Lytics uses natural language processing to continuously analyze your web content, metadata and images to surface more nuanced topics for your content-marketing.

  • Leverage our Content Affinity Engine for every single user
    Content Affinity Tab Overview

    Get to know the topics that resonate with each individual user. Instead of relying on one-off clicks and traditional heuristics, Lytics algorithmically calculates these affinities and continuously adjusts them over time.

  • Visualize your entire content collection
    Topic Overview

    Recommending fresh content to visitors requires understanding the relationship between all of your web topics. Lytics uses data modeling techniques to build a weighted graph of these connections that self-adjusts as new content gets published.

  • Content recommendations powered by data-science
    Content Collection

    Keep visitors engaged on your website with fresh content tailored specifically for them. Lytics takes the guesswork out of the equation and uses machine learning and user affinity scores to match specific content to individuals within a target audience segment.