Content Affinity Engine

Do you know how to keep your customers returning for more content? Lytics categorizes your content automatically to determine user interest in each topic — allowing you to deliver relevant, personalized experiences.

Level up user engagement strategies

Accelerate customer acquisition and increase reader engagement by delivering content to users based on their level of interest in specific topics.

Haymarket Media uncovered surprising insights on who gained value from content by matching content affinity patterns from customers across its various digital destinations. Haymarket was able to expand its pool of targeted candidates for ads and content and saw 10X higher clickthrough rates on emails using Lytics to deliver targeted messages.

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Leverage real personalization

When it comes to developing and fostering customer relationships, relevancy of your message is everything. With the introduction of data-driven marketing, personalization has moved beyond simply displaying a user’s name.

The Lytics Content Affinity Engine uses Natural Language Processing to ingest content topics and categorize your content into topic collections. By tracking engagement, Lytics surfaces an individual’s level of affinity towards topics that you talk about.

In building robust audiences with content affinity scores, you can leverage true personalization to deliver content recommendations, personalized ads, and much more.

Drive content recommendations

More than likely, you have a number of resources on your site that you’d like customers to see. Content affinity enables you to build content collections to deliver additional recommended content based on specific topics for each user.

Content collections can be curated, or you can leverage dynamic collections to show users the newest content for a particular topic automatically on your website or as part of an email.

Atlassian leverages content affinity to deliver relevant educational content to its software users with in-app messages. By understanding what users have read to date or help tickets they’ve submitted, Atlassian is able to finetune recommended articles for each visitor — helping them to reduce churn and increase customer lifetime value.

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Modularize content for web or email delivery

As your customers’ interests change, are you keeping up?

Content affinity provides the opportunity to target audiences based on their interest in specific topics today and what may be of interest in the future.

With affinity scores updated each time a customer engages with your brand, you can ensure they continue to see targeted content based on their affinity for the topic. Or, if the topic is no longer relevant to the user, you can personalize the experience to show either another piece of targeted content or a default content block.

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