A Customer Data Platform (CDP)
without Guard Rails

Flexible, scalable and reliable. Built as a Customer Data Platform from day one,
Lytics is no stranger to receiving and processing large volumes of data
to the tune of hundreds of thousands of events per second

We help with the who

Our core JavaScript library makes it seamless to collect behavioral data for all of your web visitors while also identifying who the user is and what knowledge we've gathered about them, in real-time. Lytics Audience Segments they are currently a member of, profile details from other marketing channels and content recommendations are just a sample of what is available at the browser level to power one-to-one personalization

Get Started

There's an API for that

API accessibility is core to the Lytics platform. Our entire web app is built on top of our thoroughly documented APIs. In short, if we can do it, so can you. Though we have a few APIs that are not publicly documented, but still available when applicable, the vast majority can be explored in our public API docs.

Rest API

Get more without doing more

Lytics Signals™ simplify the traditional event subscription model that is ripe for disruption. Be notified via POST when users move in and out of your Lytics Audience Segments in real time. Not only can we help you remove complex event logic from your source code allowing for more flexibility and faster turn times. We can also infuse enrich the Lytics Signals™ payload with everything we know about a user, content recommendations and more.

Help us out

Many of our core products, such as web personalization, are built on top of Open Source projects. We invite everyone to make suggestions, contribute and help us fix the web by delivering true one-to-one experiences.
Start contributing.