Engagement scores

Understanding your customers starts with understanding their behaviors.

Cut through the noise

Understanding when customers are ready for the next message doesn’t have to be dependent on time. With the six out-of-the-box Lytics Scores — frequency, momentum, propensity, quantity, recency, and intensity — marketers can use data science to gain deeper insights into the level of user engagement. Use the scores to understand how customers are engaging and how to keep them moving towards a goal or conversion event.

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Optimize audience segmentation

Go beyond who’s opened, clicked, or visited. Level up your marketing by using the pre-built Lytics segments to understand who’s deeply engaged and who may need more messaging.

For example, Nestlé Purina used Lytics to build an audience of people who visited the site, searched for baby or young dogs, and belonged to the Lytics predictive segment of “highly engaged.”

Using Facebook to target this audience resulted in a 3X conversion rate, increased number of conversions, and a significantly lower cost per conversion over other tactics.

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Real-time scoring keeps messages relevant

All of your customers aren’t on the same timeline. The next message you deliver shouldn’t be, either. Lytics rescores user behaviors in real-time to keep their level of engagement up to date, allowing you to continue delivering relevant messages.

For example, The Motley Fool used the frequency and recency behavioral scores to identify high-value users most likely to convert.

By focusing their efforts, they were able to lower their cost per acquisition by 20% in the first year.

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