Enrich your Data

  • Enrich your Customer Profiles
    Customer Profile

    Put the power of machine learning to work to enhance customer profiles for deeper, richer knowledge, down to the individual level. Our platform continuously uncovers awesome insights about your customers and you can use these insights to create better experiences for each of them.

  • Apply Content Affinity
    Content Graph

    Lytics’ natural language processing (NLP) engine understands what your content is about, and applies that knowledge every time a customer interacts. By marrying content affinity to user behavior, you instantly know what topics and subjects your customer is interested in, without complex management or endless tagging efforts.

  • Use Behavioral Models and Attributes
    Highly Engaged Segment

    Lytics gives you a host of predictive profile enrichments out of the box— such as propensity, momentum, and engagement level. Mix these attributes with any customer data to give you profound understanding of where your customers are in their journey, and how best to serve them.

  • Real-time Data Streaming Keeps you Current
    Data Streaming Architecture

    To be effective, customer profiles and data enrichment must be accurate up to the second. We pioneered technology to collect and update customer profiles in real-time. Other platforms require processing overnight, or in periodic batches, delaying critical insights from being leveraged into your marketing activities when you need them most - now.