Understand your customers, accelerate their journey towards a specific marketing outcome, activate your message across all channels, and continue to learn from data science-driven insights from your customer data.

Discover who’s likely to convert and take action

Unlock insights that influence movement toward a conversion. Use these insights to target your best customers or those at risk of churning with campaigns designed specifically for them.

Match content to customers

Content Affinity Engine allows you to deliver the ideal piece of content to each individual. Using natural language processing, Lytics learns about your content, and then understands which content results in customers taking certain actions.
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Predict buyer behavior

Prediction scores use machine learning models to attribute a score for how other users are likely to exhibit the same behavior as others — e.g., use this score to build intelligent segments for audiences most likely to convert or those most likely to churn.

Visualize your customer journey

The Journey Canvas enables you to organize your customer experiences with an intuitive drag and drop interface to move your customers towards a specific marketing outcome. Define each milestone you want a person to reach along their path (e.g., provide an email address, sign up for a rewards program, make a purchase, etc.) that leads them to the ultimate goal.

Activate your customer experiences

Automatically import marketing tactics from all connected channels, like email, web and advertising, and visually organize them around particular goals. Lytics allows marketers to focus on experiences that perform, with real-time visibility into what's driving conversions.

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