Audience Discovery

Launch smarter campaigns with actionable insights

Unlock insights that influence your conversion

Audience Discovery uses predictive modeling to analyze movement between a source audience and a target audience, to discover unique audiences that are deemed most likely to convert, and why.

Target campaigns to people likely to convert

The fastest way to increase conversions is to provide a high value message to people who are considered most likely to convert, and not wasting time on people that are least likely to convert.

Drive conversions at a lower cost

Audience Discovery enables you to turn your huge audience of pre-conversion users into many small, hyper-focused groups of people that are most likely to convert based on a specific attribute. Empowering you to focus efforts on a small group, with a highly personalized message that drives higher conversions at a lower cost.

Audience Discovery use cases

While Audience Discovery is customizable to each customer’s specific marketing goals, we recommend some starting use cases:

  • Unknown to Known website visitors
  • Highly engaged visitor to Purchaser
  • Single product purchaser to multi-product purchaser

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