Web Personalization

Our web personalization product makes it easy to present tailored
messages to different audiences in real-time on your website.

  • All-in-one campaign editor
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    Create your campaigns in minutes with our wizard-style editor. Design your campaign using pre-built templates, target specific audience segments, preview on your website and publish within one easy-to-use tool.

  • Various flavors to choose from
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    Choose from various formats and campaign types based on your marketing goals: drive traffic to a specific web page, collect leads, present an informative message, or recommend content to your visitors based on their interests.

  • Track your success
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    Lytics tracks who submits a form, clicks on promoted content or clicks on your campaign’s call to action as soon as you publish it. Our reporting dashboard tracks reach, conversions and the overall conversion rate over time.

  • SDK For advanced customization
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    Our Pathfora JS software development kit (SDK) allows for inline web personalization campaigns and additional customization. Developers interact directly with Pathfora, however, campaigns are managed within Lytics.

  • Use your existing web personalization tools
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    Lytics CDP also integrates with other web-personalization tools to improve their targeting capabilities.