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Forrester Report: Come together (right now) to deliver the next best experience

Is your company’s customer obsession focused on their needs or your own? This Forrester report explains the misalignment of needs and how to implement the Next Best Experience principle.

Companies profess to be customer-obsessed but most are thinking of their own objectives rather than the customers’ when creating customer experiences. This Forrester report explains this misalignment, the potential impact to your business, and how to truly implement and live by the Next Best Experience principle.

“The solution lies in a new customer insights paradigm: the next best experience (NBX). Customer insights (CI) pros need to reevaluate their current analytics practices and embrace the NBX model to become truly customer obsessed. …For most organizations, the next best experience is an aspirational goal, but you may be closer than you think. Chances are you are already putting many elements in place.” Come Together (Right Now) To Deliver The Next Best Experience, Forrester Research, Inc., April 3, 2019.

Download the Forrester report to learn why:

  • Current customer analytics practices don’t take contextual behavior into account
  • Signals across the entire customer journey allow for correct recommendations
  • Organizational alignment around corporate goals will help ensure success in delivering the next best experience

To learn how to get started on creating personalized journeys that lead to Next Best Experience, download the Forrester report.