1000x conversions at 1/10 CPC for one Facebook campaign

One of North America’s most well-known leading CPG pet adoption websites is known for serving up personalized messages to pet lovers—wherever they are in the pet ownership journey. To get an accurate view of their customers, the company partnered with Lytics Customer Data Platform (CDP) to gather and better use their first-party data. This allows the brand to build trust and loyalty with their customers by ensuring they get the right information at the right time based on their individual needs.



Build stronger, more trusting relationships with customers by delivering personalized messages at the right time based on their needs.

This online, searchable database features adoptable pets from nearly 14,000 shelters and rescue groups across the US, Canada and Mexico. In 2016 alone, they placed 1.7 million cats and dogs into homes in North America.

The brand’s goal is to be the world’s most trusted company in enriching the lives of pets and the people who love them. The company knew that to develop that trust with customers it had to really know the individual pet owners and offer them personalized, pet-specific information at the right point in their pet ownership journey.

“What’s challenging is that in every single home, there are attitudinal and lifestyle differences that impact how customers choose to care for their pets,” explains Sue Haddrill, Director of Marketing Technology & Integrated Data. “We knew that to drive sales and profits, we needed a way to better understand the needs of our customers, as well as our customers’ relationships with their dogs or cats.”

The brand had access to some great first-party data about its customers’ behaviors, but it struggled to make the best use of it because the data was stored within silos and wasn’t integrated across the company’s marketing technology stack. Because of this fractured customer identity, it was difficult for the company to get a holistic view of individual customers, and without this, it couldn’t deliver predictive marketing programs

“The question that drives every business decision here is: How do we build trust with customers so they want to engage with us?” — Sue Haddrill, Director of Marketing Technology & Integrated Data



The brand is using the Lytics Customer Data Platform (CDP) to truly know the customer, serve them what they want and create smarter, more efficient marketing campaigns.

Knowing that customers expect brands to be attuned to their signals, their needs and their actions, the brand embarked on a journey of discovery to find a MarTech tool that would allow it to bring its customer data together and make it more meaningful and actionable. “We continually asked ourselves, ‘how will this help us serve the customer and their pet better?’ ” explains the company’s Director of Marketing Technology & Integrated Data.

It soon became clear that the company would benefit from a customer data platform (CDP). “A CDP would allow us to better use the information that customers entrust us with to connect with them in ways that they want,” says the Director. For example, the fact that the brand knows the types of dogs people adopt can better influence how it markets its dog food.

After a thorough investigation, the brand decided to implement Lytics to collect first-party data and use that data effectively. After implementing Lytics, they were able to:

– Link the data and tools together to create cohesive customer profiles

– Easily create segments or targets for predictive marketing actions

– Understand customer content preference automatically

– Easily connect to a number of marketing partners


“The customer is central in every decision and every strategy. Lytics helps us serve the individual with what they need and want, create smarter and more efficient campaigns and build trust in our brands.” — Director of Marketing Technology & Integrated Data

Use Cases and Results

Lytics helped the brand find highly qualified individuals among its customers who would be receptive to specific personalized messages.

Implementing the Lytics CDP allowed the company to better connect with its customers and provide better value in a number of ways.

Reach and relevance: They wanted to serve messages to the portion of the millions of annual website visitors who are new pet owners. Lytics gave the company an accurate view of its customers and prospects, enabling its marketers to create segments to create high-performing audiences so it could reach the right customers with the right messages based on their needs.

Lytics also allowed the team to build an audience of people who 1) visited the site and, 2) searched for baby or young dogs and, 3) belonged to the Lytics predictive segment of “highly engaged.”

The company used this target and others in a Facebook campaign and had great results:

– 3X conversion rate

– 1/10 of the cost per conversion versus other targeting tactics they used

– 1,000X number of conversions

“Lytics helped us find highly qualified individuals among our customers who would be receptive to the specific personalized messages,” says the Director.

Personalization at scale: Lytics Web Personalization product enabled the brand to quickly design and serve different web experiences to users from different audiences.

Lytics Web Personalization allows companies to:

– Present an email capture form to anonymous users but hide it from users who have already shared their email addresses

– Show users the right call-to-action based on their behavioral and event-based characteristics

– Let eligible users know about a targeted sale or promotion

– Keep audiences engaged by serving them content that is personalized to their browsing behaviors

Increased web conversions: Lytics also helped the company ensure it understood whether an individual who was very engaged with a pet on the website actually ended up adopting that pet.

“Lytics created modals that would pop up asking the customer if they wanted to save their searches and receive notifications when a pet they were searching for became available,” the Director says. “And other modals that would appear to people who returned to the site asking them ‘Did you adopt?’”

The modals were very successful for the brand because of the natural placement of the messages in the customers’ pet ownership journeys—and the value that they offered customers in return for their participation. Lytics enabled them to meet their goals and provide the customer with a better, more personalized experience.

Results included:

– Acquiring a more qualified audience

– Providing timely message placement

– Benefitting from modals that performed 3X to 10X in next conversions

“When you know the customer and offer recommendations they want, they listen. We can now focus our reach and increase our relevance for each campaign—and that improves results.” — Director of Marketing Technology & Integrated Data