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Lytics Automation

Deliver the next best experience automatically — and at scale

Consumers today are flooded with marketing messages everywhere they look. With the sheer volume of messages being distributed, how do you ensure your message stands out? The answer: relevance.

But what exactly does “relevance” mean? It’s understanding your customers so well that you can deliver the right message for them today as well as predict the message they’ll need tomorrow. By combining customer intelligence with the ability to take real-time action, you can cut through the noise with a unique message.

Lytics Decisioning empowers marketers to leverage machine learning that automatically identifies a relevant message in each of your connected channels. Using predictive modeling to determine when a person is likely to be receptive to a marketing message, and what type of message will resonate, marketers are seeing the true benefits of a relevant message — increased conversions, stronger renewal rates, and higher customer lifetime values.

What decisions can you make with Lytics?

  • Which channel do they prefer?
  • Which message is relevant?
  • When is the best time?
  • How do I measure success?

Focus on creating great campaigns.

Let Lytics decide who gets what, and when.