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Lytics Intelligence

Discover customer insights and launch personalized campaigns

Consumers are demanding more from brands when it comes to their customer experience. But in order to meet these demands, you need a way to turn your customer data into actionable insights. Insights that unlock new stages in your customer journey and help you develop a deep understanding of your customers’ interests and affinities.

Lytics enables you to truly understand your customers, accelerate their journey towards a specific marketing outcome, activate your message across all channels, and continue to learn from data science-driven insights from your customer data.

What can you do with Lytics Intelligence?

  • Discover who's likely to convert
  • Match content to customers
  • Import existing campaigns
  • Predict buyer behavior
  • Visualize the customer journey
  • Define milestones for each journey stage

What use cases are enabled with Lytics Intelligence?

  • Highly targeted digital ads
  • Retargeting based on content affinity
  • Real-time content recommendations onsite
  • Real-time content recommendations in email
  • Orchestrated cross-channel campaigns

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