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Out-of-the-[Black]-box | What’s inside Lytics’ data science features?

The first step of your digital transformation in becoming a data-driven business is a unified customer profile, which enables your data to be actionable and available in real-time. Lytics is uniquely focused on helping marketing technology teams bridge the gap from their customer data to better marketing decisions made at scale. Lytics empowers you with the data and insights you need to make informed marketing decisions that get results.

“The speed and complexity required to understand and deliver customer experiences exceed human capacity and traditional rule-based methods.”

-The Moments-Based Evolution of Enterprise Marketing Technology, Forrester Research, Inc., 2018.

You read that right, delivering optimal customer experiences exceeds human capacity. This challenge is exactly why companies like Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, AirBnB, and more, recognized early on that in order to be successful in today’s world, they needed to adopt an experience strategy driven by data science - not rule-based methods. They have all built their massive success on becoming a business built on customer relationships and leveraging data-driven communications that speak to the individual, instead of generic customer segments. Whether you compete directly with these brands or not, they are your competitors when it comes to the customer experience that they deliver. They have set the new standard for consumer expectations.

Is your business ready to meet these demands?

Digital Transformation

The first step in your digital transformation toward a data-driven business is a unified customer profile that enables your data to be actionable and available in real-time, but that’s just the beginning. How do you decide who to target with what experience or message? Personal hunch? Past campaign results? The vast amount of customer data you’re collecting can tell you who to target with what experience to get the results you need. When you let insights decide who to target and why, this is when you unleash the power of being a true data-driven organization.

Where most Customer Data Platforms unify customer data to enable “better” segmentation, Lytics builds on top of that foundation with insights that make the hard decisions easier. By using insights derived from your customer data, you can begin to leverage in-depth analysis on behaviors, content, conversions, and experiences using machine learning (ML). Analysis with ML surfaces actionable insights that are unique to your customer data, and help you answer the big questions:

  • Who is most likely to churn?
  • Who is highly engaged?
  • Which channel is most effective for customer retention campaigns?
  • How can I accelerate my acquisition journey and prevent drop off?
  • How can I send messages when my customers want to receive them?

Answering these types of questions require you to move beyond the basics of traditional analytics and reporting - to insights driven by data science. Insights should inform you with recommendations on the best way to communicate with your customer to achieve desired results. Enabling you to not only deliver more relevant customer experiences, but deliver them efficiently at scale.

What’s inside the Lytics “black box”?

We understand that for marketing the stakes are high; one wrong message could mean customer churn. Understanding what’s behind our data science features can help you determine how to use them more effectively and to their fullest potential. Lytics has four core features using data science out-of-the-box: Behavioral scores, Content Affinity, Discovery Insights, and Delivery Optimization.