Lytics Product Briefs

Learn more about Lytics, the Customer Data Platform built for marketers by reading our product briefs. See an overview of Lytics' solutions and get more information about our integrations.

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Lytics Solution Overview

From easy to use web personalization templates to intelligently orchestrated cross-channel marketing campaigns, Lytics powers the experiences you create for your customers, leveraging your existing channel tools. Take the guesswork out of knowing your customers with Lytics Customer Data Platform.



Lytics Orchestrate Product Overview

Our new Orchestrate product is the first step in providing marketers with a centralized, visual canvas to actually understand, first, what’s going on with their customer data and, second, use that knowledge to orchestrate seamless, omnichannel marketing campaigns.



Lytics Personalization Overview

Lytics Personalization allows a marketer to create and execute eye-catching digital campaigns with customized content for different audiences. These personalized interactions simply overlay an existing webpage as a modal, gate, or banner — depending on your marketing goal.



Lytics Content Affinity Overview

The Lytics Content Affinity Engine provides marketers with a real-time inventory of their website content. Marketers can use this information to shape their content marketing strategy and to execute personalized marketing campaigns to audience segments based on their interest-level in a particular topic.



Lytics + Google BigQuery Integration

Google BigQuery allows you to analyze big data in the cloud. Lytics has built connectors to many marketing tools, and with simple web configuration will import that data. Lytics enriches, merges cross channel identities, and exports all your user data to BigQuery allowing a complete view of your users and real-time insights across multiple channels and devices.



Lytics + Google Tag Manager Integration

Use Google Tag Manager to manage tags (such as tracking and marketing optimization JavaScript tags) on your site. Without editing your site code, you can use the Google Tag Manager user interface to add and update AdWords, Google Analytics, Floodlight, and nonGoogle tags.

Tech Overview


Lytics Technical Overview

Use this document as a technical overview about Lytics, the Customer Data Platform built for marketers. Learn more about how Lytics onboards data, its export functions, and how it uses data science to enrich unified customer data.