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Measuring Trust Instead of Transactions: Optimizing Digital Content Experiences

Building trust with consumers requires marketers to meet people where they are, viewing them not just as potential transactions that might be persuaded in the moment, but rather as individuals moving through a conversation that can be improved by delivering specific and relevant value. Read this white paper to find out how you can shift your thinking from converting customers to building trusted relationships that deliver long-term business value.



Lytics and GDPR: Where do CDPs fit in?

We enable marketers, for the first time, to orchestrate their cross-channel customer journeys, clearly visualize which tactics are working and allow the user to drag and drop campaigns to manage, tweak and prioritize initiatives.



Customer Data Platforms for SaaS Marketing

In this white paper, learn how Business-to-Business Software as a Service (SaaS) companies take advantage of Customer Data Platforms to find, engage and retain customers.

Data Mgmt


The Future Of Personalization In Marketing Starts With Customer Data Management

What if you could automate the ability to interact with an individual customer in a way that’s completely personalized? And what if the automation did not require millions of dollars and years to build?



Lytics State of Digital Marketing 2015

Lytics conducted its first State of Digital Marketing Survey to better understand how technology impacted marketing in 2014 and identify key challenges marketers need to overcome in 2015. Read the report to learn more about what we learned from our survey of over 500 consumers and digital marketing professionals.



Becoming an Adaptive Marketer

Marketers have been dreaming about personalized marketing for decades. Finally, consumers are ready and demanding it. Learn How to Use Behavioral Data to Drive Meaningful Customer Experiences in this White Paper.