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"The Lytics customers we spoke with couldn’t say enough positive things about the technology, variety of CDP vendors, and service they received from the teams at Lytics."
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Experience, guidance, and best practices all come standard

Every customer of Lytics receives access to our team of digital marketing experts, technical data wranglers, data scientists, and support professionals. Our Standard Support model gives customers the tools, support, and services level agreements need to succeed with the Smart CDP.

When customers want a little more - Enhanced and Premium support

For organizations looking for additional resources and deeper partnership guidance, Lytics offers more enhanced support packages. These annual partnership agreements offer enhanced service level agreements (SLAs) and expanded access to Lytics customer success teams. Customers can choose from our Enhanced or Premium levels or partner with a Lytics representative to design the package that is right for them.

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Lytics standard support hours are 6am - 5pm Pacific time, Monday through Friday.
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Strategic Guidance Tailored to Your Organization

Real-time; programmatic; 1st party data; orchestrated cross-channel journeys. It is a true paradigm shift for modern marketers. Clients often need help beyond onboarding and support. That is where our seasoned team can help. Through ongoing engagements or tailored workshops, our Strategic Consultants can bring their experience in digital marketing, CRM, and analytics, to help answer your toughest questions. With an average of 19 years experience, our team can partner with your marketing team to find new business insights, improve operations, and accelerate the deployment of Lytics.

Workshop: Organizational Change

Yesterday's channel-specific teams may not be best suited to tomorrow's multi-channel world. We've worked with hundreds of brands and have a point of view on how clients can best organize their teams around a CDP. This workshop is intended to help to align teams for success with new capabilities made possible by Lytics Smart CDP.

Workshop: Data Architecture Consulting

Many modern marketers want to transform their marketing teams to leverage their data to orchestrate cross-channel journeys. Yet, too often systems rely on relational architectures that don’t easily allow real-time use cases. That’s where our architecture consulting packages can really help to expedite the onboarding process and user merging across channels. Additionally, we’ll look for ways to best reconcile and merge user identities across channels.

Workshop: Agency Enablement

Your team is aligned to be successful with Lytics, but 3rd parties like agencies or consultants are the ones actually buying your media. How can you bring them along into the audience-based paradigm? This can be a challenge, as agencies often don’t have the organizational muscle memory to use 1st party data like a client does. Additionally, more targeted spend amounts may conflict with percentage of spend compensation models. Our Strategic Services team can help.

Workshop: Journey Orchestration

Orchestrate is a game-changer for modern marketers. It enables marketers to create cross-channel journeys that help move your customers along a process from discovery of your brand to loyalty to it. But with a capability such as this, marketers often struggle to align their teams on how the journey should be constructed. As the experts in cross-channel marketing, the Lytics Strategic Services team has a great deal of experience helping clients with this process.

Need something else?

Lytics offers a range of other engagements - from retained services to more customized workshops. If you don't see what you need, let's talk and see if we might be able to help. Reach out to us today.

Working with the teams that work with our customers

Lytics has fostered a broad ecosystem of system integrators, consultancies, technical agencies, and media partners to allow customers to connect their Smart CDP implementation to other marketing initiatives. Look over our list of preferred partners or connect us with your existing team and we can get started building the Smart CDP today.

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