Know your customers and build trust and loyalty in your brand

With Lytics you can identify your loyal customers and most promising prospects and engage with them directly in the channels they prefer.

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Know your customers for the individuals they are and market to them directly

Easily unify your customer data, even if its scattered across dozens of legacy tools and databases. Lytics connects it all into a centralized data platform then resolves the data into coherent, individual profiles for each of your customers, allowing you to begin marketing to them one-to-one, right away.


Identify your most loyal customers and best advocates across your brands

With Lytics you can combine known and unknown customer data to build complete profiles, wherever people engage with your brands. With Lytics, you know what products and topics your customers are interested in—all based on current behaviors, not dated or possibly erroneous demographic data. You get deep customer insights that help you identify and keep your best customers, allowing you to offer them loyalty perks or introduce them to your other brands.


Unify your existing channel tools and create a unified brand experience

Lytics helps you maximize your existing investments via dozens of integrations with the leading marketing technology platforms you already use. Once you’ve on-boarded your customer data into Lytics you can send real-time behavioral segments downstream to your campaign execution tools, ensuring your customers have a cohesive brand experience across all channels


Improve the effectiveness of your digital campaigns

Reach the right customers with the right message using the Lytics data science-based engagement scoring and qualify audiences. Increase your acquisitions—and lower your costs—with smarter “lookalike” prospecting based on your most loyal customers to find your ideal shoppers. Also, Lytics lets you exclude anyone who won’t benefit from paid ads, such as employees or recent purchasers, preserving your ad spend.