Lytics for Advertising

Spend your advertising dollars on the people most likely to buy

Lytics Customer Data Platform helps you reach the right advertising audience with the right message using machine learning.


Personalize your ads with content your audience won’t ignore

Improve your conversion rates with personalized headlines, messaging and ad creative. Lytics constantly measures your visitors’ affinity for particular topics, subjects, and products so that you can target them with ads related to their interests and behavior.


Stop spending money on people who aren’t a good fit

Improve your return on ad spend by qualifying audiences based on their engagement levels and relationship with your brand. Lytics lets you filter out employees and customers, and also automatically scores all of your audience members so that you can find the individuals who are most likely to click.


Target audiences that resemble your best customers

Improve your acquisition rates with smarter “lookalike” audiences in Facebook, Google and other advertising platforms. Lytics lets you go beyond basic demographics and create audiences based on your customers’ behavior across marketing channels.

"By allowing us to use data to drive better marketing decisions, Lytics has given us a competitive edge. Having Lytics is like having a data scientist on our team. I have two words to describe Lytics: amazing stuff."

Luiz Albuquerque, Minicabster