Understand your customers through actionable data

Run more targeted marketing campaigns based on the actual engagement behaviors of your prospects, customers, and other Lytics audiences.

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Lytics Analytics 3

Compare how specific audiences interact with your website

All of your Lytics audiences flow into your Google Analytics dashboard so that you can compare how specific audiences interact with your website compared to aggregate analytics data.

Lytics Analytics 1

Improve your customer experience via audience insights

When looking at specific audience web behaviors, you can now identify where prospects drop off or what actions customers take before subscribing or purchasing a product. Use this information to adjust your website content or to run personalized marketing campaigns to re-engage specific audiences.

Lytics Analytics 2

Understand your customers with segment-specific analytics

Instead of looking at all aggregate web traffic, you can filter down all of your Google Analytics metrics and reports to a specific audience or group of audiences for a more refined analysis of user and customer journeys.