Lytics for Web

Increase website visitor engagement with relevant calls to action

Lytics makes it easy to deliver personalized web campaigns that let you target the right person at the right time.


Retain more customers by giving them personalized web experiences

When customers login to your website or service, keep them engaged with helpful tips and educational content. Lytics helps you identify and target audiences based on their behavior and subscription status so you can send timely help-desk messages to customers with an open support ticket, or send renewal notices to customers whose subscription is about to expire.


Grow your marketing audience with timely sign-up prompts

Encourage unknown, first-time website visitors to subscribe to your email newsletters and suppress signups to known visitors whom you already email. Lytics web personalization product lets you set up targeted lead capture forms in minutes.


Increase web conversions with personalized messaging and landing pages

Suggest new products and services to known, repeat customers and re-engage at-risk customers with promotional incentives and offers. Lytics lets you execute web campaigns based on your customers’ real-time behavior, unique interests, and status with you.

"With Lytics Personalization, identifying and messaging important cohorts on our site is easy and equals significant revenue for us."

Emma McIlroy, Wildfang