Increase trust with your audiences and deliver more value to your advertisers

Use your customer data to suggest topics your audiences care to increase engagement

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Monetize your audiences

With Lytics you can create behavior-based audience segments to sell for a premium. Offer products like native advertising that's promoted to very specific subscribers through automated email campaigns and on-site personalization. Or, guarantee to your advertisers that your display ads reach only the most relevant audience--not bots--based on your own first-party data.


Grow your audiences

With Lytics you can deliver unique messages to each visitor and subscriber based on the types of content and topics they engage with most, keeping them coming back for more. You can build highly-targeted segments based on real-time web behavior, email activity, then send those segments offers that are relevant to them.


Verify Audiences Even If They’re Not Logged In

Stop relying on outdated cookie and site technology and show your advertisers who is actually reading your content. Take resolved identities and know role, industry and level of engagement and content affinity and create highly-targeted audiences that advertisers will pay a premium to reach.


Increase subscriber engagement with personalization

Understand which content and topics your readers want based on their actual behavior, not just category tags. Personalize and suggest content based on this data and retain more readers.


Extend your business into other networks

Adding more ads to your media property risks annoying readers, but you don’t want to only rely on your limited ad space for revenue. You can leverage your customer profiles and behavior-based segments and find "lookalike" audiences in other networks that will also love your content and engage deeply with your brand.