Advertise to the right people, with the right message, and make the most of your ad dollars

Lytics helps you reach the right audiences based on the content that they like and how they behave across channels.

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Lytics Retail 1

Know your customers and what they want

With Lytics you can combine known and unknown customer data into complete profiles gathered from everywhere your customers engage you, then group them into segments based on their actual behavior. Lytics knows what products and topics your customers are reading and keeps up with their changing preferences in real-time. You get an understanding of where your customers are in their journey, and how best to serve them.

Lytics Retail 2

Keep your lists current in all channels and tools

Static audience lists are nearly impossible to keep up-to-date, especially when they get stored in multiple marketing tools. Lytics serves as a real-time centralized hub for your audience segments and automatically syncs them with your downstream tools, ensuring your lists are always up-to-date, saving you the task of re-importing data.

Lytics Retail 3

Increase conversions, increase sales

With machine learning, know your customers’ next-likely actions, their engagement levels, and how close they are to converting. Increase AOV by knowing which products your customers are interested in and making relevant offers at just the right time, in the channels they prefer.

Lytics Retail 4

Spend less on advertising and get better results.

Reach the right audiences with the right message using the Lytics data science-based engagement scoring and qualify audiences before sending ads to them. Increase your acquisitions with smarter “lookalike” prospecting based on your best customers to find the ideal shoppers. Also, Lytics lets you exclude anyone who won’t benefit from paid ads, such as employees, recent customers or anyone who prefers to engage with your brand in a different channel, preserving your ad spend.

Lytics Retail 5

Less work, more effective campaigns

Execute programs that respond to customer behavior, like win-back campaigns to people who are engaged but recently unsubscribed to your newsletter, or incentives to at-risk customers who recently disgenaged. Lytics also knows when anonymous visitors are likely to subscribe or buy so you give them specific offers.

Lytics Retail 6

Bridge the gap between online and offline shopping

Know when and where customers are likely to shop, and how much they’re likely to spend. When you have all of your customer data in one place you can target shoppers with in-store messages, or focus your ad dollars for nearby stores.