StartSmart Implementation Program

Launch Lytics in 60 days

StartSmart is designed to minimize new technology risk by accelerating time to value with your CDP implementation. In our proven 8 week program, you will be guided through marketing strategy and tactics to launch integrated cross-channel experiences of your choice. While most data projects require well over a year or more to recognize value, our step-by-step program will help you determine the highest yielding opportunity to meet goals that positively impact customer lifetime value.

StartSmart includes guided platform trainings, strategic consulting, and technical guidance to achieve key milestones including:

  • Building the foundation of a unified customer profile
  • Understanding customers’ content interests
  • Aligning business objective to a goal-driven customer journey
  • Uncovering insights based on customer behaviors
  • Discovering why customers convert
  • Launching smart cross-channel experiences

All StartSmart programs are aligned to a single business goal of your choice. By selecting a single goal to focus on, your implementation will be targeted with the right audience, insights, experiences and metrics in order to measure success.