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On Demand | Build a Data-driven Marketing Org - Advance to Marketing 3.0

Marketing 3.0 is an emerging concept where companies are migrating toward 1:1 communication with their customers and prospects. This personalization is about knowing your customers and using that knowledge to solve their problems, make their experiences smoother, and serve them the things they actually want.

However, most organizations still use campaign-focused processes that prevent them from getting to true omni-channel marketing. Why stick with the old way of doing things, when you can advance to a more data-driven strategy that produces real-world results?

In this webinar, Craig Schinn, Lytics VP Strategic Services will cover:

  • The Marketing 2.0 workflow companies use and how it inhibits true cross-channel personalization
  • The Marketing 3.0 workflow which better enables companies to perform 1:1 marketing
  • How to better align teams and processes to achieve 1:1 Marketing and how they must evolve from where they are today