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On Demand | How to launch a Customer Data Platform in 60 Days

"The top 2 marketing program challenges facing B2C marketers today are technology skills and driving decision making with customer insights." (Define your Role in Digital Transformation, Forrester Research Inc., 2019)

Sound familiar? We believe these problems stem from a long history of failed marketing technology adoptions that don’t emphasize strategic skill building, and actionable insights early on in the process.

Lytics is the only Customer Data Platform to launch a proven implementation program designed to help customers realize value in 60 days. We call it StartSmart, and it includes guided platform trainings, strategic consulting, and technical guidance to achieve key CDP milestones.

Join the Lytics team to hear the details on why StartSmart is a game-changer when it comes to implementing marketing technology, and how we make this happen in only 60 days. You'll also hear how customer Pro Football Focus (PFF) completed the StartSmart program with astounding results!