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On Demand | Improving Customer Journeys with Behavioral & Content Affinity Scores

For many years, marketers have relied on demographic data and educated guesses to target the right prospects with the right offers at the right time. But here’s the truth: That kind of guesswork isn’t good enough anymore. For marketing to be truly effective in a world where the demand for personalization is at an all-time high, it needs to be rooted in a firm understanding of how customers interact with your brand.

Which is why you need behavioral and content affinity scoring.

Because users targeted with behavioral scores are 20x as likely to interact with your campaigns than those targeted with demographics alone. And knowing what content your users love and engage with is foundational for the kind of personalization that drives big results for companies like Amazon and Spotify.

So, how do you harness the power of behavioral and content affinity scoring to build better customer experiences at every point in the customer journey? Tune in to Maggie Wrona, Lytics’ Client Consultant, to find out.

In this webinar, she explores the acquisition, win-back, and engagement customer journeys and how Lytics’ scores can:

  • Help you create personalized experiences across channels
  • Increase ad spend efficiency and improve targeting
  • Predict customer needs early and set you up to offer the right experience right away