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On Demand | Optimizing the customer journey

Whether you’re looking to create brand awareness, increase subscription value or reduce churn, the fundamental goal is the same: find more customers who look like your best customers and own the customer relationship by creating 1:1 personalized experiences.

Traditionally, to reach these goals you would take customers with a high LTV, develop a lookalike audience based on limited analytics and throw money to campaigns that seemed a lot like guesswork, and took a lot of time.

So, how can you leverage customer data to help you optimize your customer journey? By implementing predictive segmentation, acquiring more 1st party data, and using data science that aligns with your business goals.

Watch this Lytics webinar to learn:

  • How leveraging behavioral data can optimize your marketing campaigns
  • Why traditional, rules-based, segmentation limits scalability and fails to reach your customer at the right place, at the right time
  • How to realize 1:1 personalization using data science aligned to marketing goals