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Use the Lytics Customer Data Platform to unify your data and orchestrate the right experiences that build customer trust

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Unify your customer data across the organization, resolve identities into a single customer profile and enable your organization to leverage powerful machine learning. With the Lytics Customer Data platform, know your customer's interests and behaviors to orchestrate relevant experiences across web, email, social and any other channel—all in real-time.

Orchestrate the right experience and drive impressive results

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Increase conversions, lower advertising spend and grow revenue

The Lytics Customer Data Platform uses machine learning to identify audiences most likely to engage and convert with your ads. Develop smarter target audiences and advertise only to those most likely to engage across the customer journey.

Lytics for Advertising

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Send less emails, increase read rates and earn more subscribers

Develop smarter audiences using real-time customer affinity and engagement behaviors to target your most engaged subscribers with content they want to read—like their latest travel recommendations or concerts they're most likely to attend. Acquire new subscribers who look like your best subscribers to grow the right audience. And, automatically suppress audiences that are not engaged to reduce email sends. Email marketing across the journey is smarter and more efficient with Lytics.

Lytics for Email

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Increase website engagement, convert more visitors and keep them coming back

Engage your website visitors with personalized web content and offers driven by their behaviors and interests. Serve offers they want, recommend articles they'll read, show products they care about—engage them with the right content at the moment that matters, every time they visit. Lytics helps you power real-time web personalization, across the journey.

Lytics for Web Personalization

The Economist quadrupled subscription revenue with Lytics


The Economist came to Lytics with a two-fold need: Increase subscribers, and deliver a personalized content experience to each reader. With Lytics, they can aggregate visitor data from any source, create a profile of likely subscribers, and target only their best prospects across all channels. And with the Lytics Content Affinity Engine they deliver articles that are contextually relevant in that moment. The result? A 4x increase in subscription revenue. As one Economist marketer put it, “nothing short of spectacular."

Unify your data across the organization in real time

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Hundreds of integrations and a powerful API—we'll connect data from your entire enterprise stack

Connect data from all of your marketing tools, data warehouses and data lakes, or any custom sources that power your customer experience using our powerful API. We've seen every type of environment and specialize in connecting complex data environments and syncing unified data across the organization in real time.

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