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Marketing 3 0 Webinar Web


Marketing 3.0: New Workflows for 1:1 Marketing

Marketers are challenged to deliver highly relevant content to individual customers across channels and at scale. According to Gartner’s recent survey of marketing leaders, these challenges lie in how marketing teams are organized, and the workflow process used by those teams. It’s time to tackle these challenges head-on with an evolution of workflows and organizational models, powered by a modern customer data platform (CDP).

Facebook Advertising


The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising with Lytics

Understand how Lytics improves targeting, increases conversions and reduces overall ad spend by putting machine learning and data science to work. At the same time, learn how Lytics saves marketing teams tons of time by leveraging their first-party data in real-time.

Lytics Measure Trust Webinar


Measure Trust Instead of Transactions

In this webinar, Robert Rose, senior contributing analyst at Digital Clarity Group, explains why and how a shift from measuring transactions to measuring trust will deliver better experiences for customers and better results for marketers.



How Dr. Martens And Wildfang Use A Customer Data Platform To Create Cult-like Followings

Find out how these two edgy brands use a customer data platform to run more relevant and efficient marketing campaigns that grow the business and create customer relationships for life.

Lytics Burdens And Benefits Of Gdpr


The Burdens and Benefits of GDPR

In this lively webinar Tim Walters of The Content Advisory, an expert in GDPR, and Lytics CMO Darren Guarnaccia cover such practical topics as how to do an audit of your customer data, how marketers need to think about "legitimate consent" and how to gather it with some real-world examples of what to do—and not to do.



How Atlassian Leverages a Customer Data Platform to Improve Customer Outreach

Join this VentureBeat webinar to learn why customer-focused software company Atlassian uses a Customer Data Platform to help them run complex marketing campaigns. Research analyst David Raab will also be on hand to discuss how other companies can use CDPs to increase sales and loyalty.



Understand the people, process and technology required to comply with GDPR

Use this roadmap to get prepared for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - an aggressive new set of regulations that applies to all organizations, in any location, processing the personal data of a European Union (EU) subject.