A Customer Data Platform that works in every stage of your marketing maturity.
Core CDP
Core CDP

Unify your data to create a real-time single view of your customers. Simplify workflows for campaign activation using real-time data and segments.

Core CDP includes:

  • 360° Unified Profile
    • Lytics automates the process for both collecting and merging anonymous and known user profiles that update in real-time and can be passed through to downstream marketing tools. 
  • Segmentation builder
    • Create, edit, and manage audiences quickly and easily with our intuitive segmentation builder. Audience membership is updated in real-time to reflect in-the-moment customer interests and behaviors.
  • Engagement scores
    • Deciding the next message for a customer doesn’t have to be dependent on time. Lytics surfaces six unique engagement scores — frequency, momentum, propensity, quantity, recency, and intensity — enabling you to use data science to gain deeper insights into customer engagement.
  • Engagement segments
    • Take the guesswork out of manual segmentation and use Lytics to automatically surface a collection of unique audiences that warrant very specific actions; highly engaged, at-risk, new users, etc.
  • Website personalization
    • Activate personalized modals or in-line messaging in real-time based on audience membership of specific Lytics-defined segments.
  • Reporting
    • Get visibility into your customer data and an understanding of your audiences across various connected channels.

Understand what drives your customers, accelerate their journey towards specific marketing outcomes, and activate messaging across all channels.

Intelligence includes Core +

  • Journey Canvas
    • Configure the optimal customer experience with an intuitive drag and drop interface to understand how your customers move towards a specific marketing outcome.
  • Campaign import
    • Bring in your existing campaigns from Facebook and email tools to immediately get insights and attach a Lytics audience for targeted activation.
  • Content Graph
    • Using natural language processing, Lytics learns about your content, and then understands which content results in customers taking certain actions.
  • Insights 
    • Unlock insights that influence movement toward a conversion. Use these insights to target your best customers or those at risk of churning with campaigns designed specifically for them.
  • Prediction scores
    • Use machine learning models to score for how likely a user will exhibit the same behavior as others — e.g., use this score to build intelligent segments for audiences most likely to convert or those most likely to churn.
  • Content Recommendations
    • Keep your customers interested in your brand and always top of mind by with recommendations that leverage your understanding of both your content as well as your customer.

Automate the delivery of the most relevant message, and channel, using machine-learning based predictions.

Automation includes Intelligence +

  • Journey Automation
    • Lytics automatically coordinates experience activation with your downstream marketing tools across your defined customer journeys.
  • Next Best Experience Decisioning
    • Lytics automatically determines the optimal experience for each individual by assessing your prioritization of messages along with past performance.
  • Delivery Optimization
    • Lytics automatically analyzes past engagement patterns to determine the best message timing for delivering an ideal experience for each customer.



Every customer of Lytics receives access to our team of digital marketing experts, technical data wranglers, data scientists, and support professionals.

StartSmart deployment

No-risk implementation designed to help marketers learn how to use Lytics and build the skills needed to generate rapid ROI and buy-in from your organization to support a Customer Data Platform.


Through ongoing engagements or tailored workshops, our Strategic Consultants can bring their experience in digital marketing, CRM, and analytics, to help answer your toughest questions.

Solution partners

Lytics has fostered a broad ecosystem of system integrators, consultancies, technical agencies, and media partners to allow customers to connect their Smart CDP implementation to other marketing initiatives.

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“Ultimately, what was really important for us was the capability of the team. They are partners in implementation, in ideas, and in execution. They've played a key role in The Economist's ability to quadruple our subscription revenue over the last three years.”

- Steve Lok, Global Head of Martech, The Economist