The leading Customer Data Platform for marketers who want actionable insights and the ability to orchestrate and optimize cross channel campaigns.

Accelerate the customer journey towards a specific marketing outcome, activate your message across all channels, and continue to learn from the centralized intelligence of your customer data.

Orchestration includes Foundational CDP +

  • Audience Discovery
    • Unlock insights that influence movement toward a conversion. Use these insights to target your best customers or those at risk of churning with campaigns designed specifically for them.
  • Content Affinity Engine
    • Deliver the ideal piece of content to each individual. Using natural language processing, Lytics learns about your content, and then understands which content results in customers taking certain actions.
  • Behavior Scoring
    • Make sense of all your data, and turn it into actionable insights with scores for momentum, intensity, frequency, recency, quantity, and propensity.
  • Smart Audiences
    • Take the guesswork out of manual segmentation and use machine learning to surface a collection of unique audiences that warrant very specific actions; likely to convert, at-risk, new users, etc.
  • Journey Canvas
    • Configure the optimal customer experience with an intuitive drag and drop interface to move your customers towards a specific marketing outcome.
  • Goal-based journey stages
    • Define each milestone you want a person to reach along their path towards your ultimate marketing outcome (e.g., provide email address, sign up for rewards program, make a purchase, etc.)

Cut through the noise with a relevant individualized message by using machine learning to predict when and what a person is likely to engage with next.

Optimization includes everything in Orchestration +

  • Needs Experience Scoring (Which channel?)
    • Automatically calculate a real-time score for determining an individual's desire for a message in each of your marketing channels.
  • Experience Decisioning (Which message?)
    • Determine the optimal message for an individual within that channel by assessing your prioritization of messages, as well as its past performance.
  • Delivery Optimization (What time?)
    • Analyze past engagement patterns to predict when an individual's next engagement is likely to take place, and deliver the message automatically within that time window.
  • Campaign Performance Reporting
    • Visibility into the success that Optimization is bringing to your campaigns - drill in to each stage or experience to identify reach, clicks, conversions, and progression toward your marketing goals. 


Enterprise Security Package

Single Sign-On, 2-Factor Authentication, IP whitelisting, In-product SLAs, Alerting


StartSmart Deployment

StartSmart is designed to minimize new technology risk by accelerating time to value with your CDP implementation. In our proven 8 week program, you will be guided through marketing strategy and tactics to launch integrated cross-channel experiences of your choice.


Through ongoing engagements or tailored workshops, our Strategic Consultants can bring their experience in digital marketing, CRM, and analytics, to help answer your toughest questions.

Solution Partners

Lytics has fostered a broad ecosystem of system integrators, consultancies, technical agencies, and media partners to allow customers to connect their Smart CDP implementation to other marketing initiatives.



Every customer of Lytics receives access to our team of digital marketing experts, technical data wranglers, data scientists, and support professionals. For more help, customers can choose from our Enhanced or Premium levels or partner with a Lytics representative to design the package that is right for them.

Foundational CDP with Every Lytics Package

Have your own in-house customer database that does all this? That’s OK, we don’t need to replace it, we’ll work with it. Lytics can sit on top of your own Enabling Technology set to still provide you actionable insights and smarter customer journey orchestration.

Data collection and integrations

Connect data feeds for real-time access to actions, behaviors and events that impact your customer profile.

360 degree view of your customer

Automated profile unification for anonymous and known users.

Audience Segmentation

Segments are built using a visual workflow, and are made available for real-time campaign activation

Website Personalization

Activate personalized modals or in-line messaging in real-time based on Lytics customer data profiles

Experience Activation

With direct integration to 100+ tools, you can activate cross-channel campaigns in real-time



Measure the success of your campaign experiences across channels, and which audiences are performing best

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“Ultimately, what was really important for us was the capability of the team. They are partners in implementation, in ideas, and in execution. They've played a key role in The Economist's ability to quadruple our subscription revenue over the last three years.”

- Steve Lok, Global Head of Martech, The Economist