• Build unified profiles

    Get to know your customers better

  • Build unified profiles

    Get to know your customers better

Understand the value of a single view of your customers

Why this matters

  • Building a single view of your customers is the beginning of understanding your customers to deliver on the level of personalization they expect.

  • As organizations leverage more tools — online and offline — to gather information about their customers, there’s an increased risk of leaving valuable details out of the picture, which reduces delivery of relevant messages.

Where do you start?

Step one: Begin with the goal

  • Whether you want to attract more customers, engage current customers, increase spend, or reduce customer churn, starting with the goal in mind allows you to identify which data you need.

  • Making connections with the different data owners that sit in IT, product, or marketing becomes more straightforward with a goal in mind. You can reduce requests for data to only what’s needed from different data source owners across your organization for a centralized hub pulling everything together for your marketing or in-app messages to prospects or customers.

With Lytics, Entercom was able to collect unique first-party data, such as phone numbers, through its radio stations, live events and digital properties, and then enrich this data with third-party data featuring over 16,000 distinct attributes that detail everything from the type of car a listener drives to where they dine.

From there, they’re able to reach new users and target people most likely to download their app. This allows them to be smarter about how much money is spent towards acquiring new listeners.

Implementing a customer data platform isn’t as big of a commitment as it sounds. If you know your goal, you could get a single view of your customer and start seeing ROI in less than 90 days.

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