Customer Data Integrations

Integrate Lytics with your marketing tools to improve your omni-channel marketing and customer data collecting


Integrate Lytics with your ad platforms to deliver improved conversions at a lower cost, with real-time audience onboarding for ad retargeting or lookalike modeling.


Lytics powers your analytics with real-time audience information for dimensional reporting.

Big Data/Data Warehouse

Seamlessly move data between Lytics and your data warehouse in real-time, whether it's in house or in the cloud.

Cloud Services

Stream data between Lytics and your favorite Cloud platform to take advantage of the multitude of data services available, such as data cleansing, storage and reporting.

Content Management / Web Personalization

Synch audience segments to your CMS in realtime to power onsite targeting and personalization.

Conversational Marketing

Add and update customer data attributes within the chat platform in real-time.


Continuously ingest CRM records to Lytics and send back audience membership updates in real-time.

Customer Support

Ingest support ticket information into Lytics customer data profiles to prevent targeting at risk customers with the wrong offer.

Data Enrichment

Lytics can onboard 3rd party data to enrich user profiles with additional attributes.


Build great lookalike segments in your DMP based on your Lytics audiences.


Ingest customer and order data in real-time to keep customer data profiles up to date and prevent targeting errors.

Marketing Automation

Sync audience membership to trigger targeted campaign experiences and send back user behavior data, all in real-time.


Lytics collects web data from mobile SDKs and syncs audiences back into the mobile tool for targeted messaging.

Social Login

Lytics can ingest social sign-on data to enrich customer data profiles.

Subscription Management

Collect subscription-level information for product and service offerings for better, more personalized targeting.

Survey Management

Sync audiences to your survey platform to target specific segments.

Tag Manager

Collect web data on anonymous and known visitors and push audience membership back to the visitor's browser for real-time personalization.

Web Optimization (A/B Testing)

Power your site optimization and testing with real-time syncing of Lytics audiences.

A powerful API—we'll power the customer experience across the enterprise stack

Connect data from all of your marketing tools, data warehouses and data lakes, or any custom sources that power your customer experience using our powerful API. We've seen every type of environment and specialize in connecting complex data environments and syncing unified data across the organization in real time.
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