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60 days to data-driven marketing with StartSmart

It’s no secret that data-driven marketing organizations are six times more likely to be profitable year-over-year. Not to mention that 75% of companies that implement the practice see increased engagement.

But here’s the problem: Most data projects take over a year to generate ROI or show value.

So we marketers know we need to be data-driven—and fast. But once we get started, the road to success is a long one.

At Lytics, we know this simply isn’t good enough. Marketers need results on a much faster timeline. We have to prove value to the C-suite. We need to shift with the ever-changing needs of the marketplace. We need to know which campaigns are working and which aren’t—quickly.

In the internet age, a year is a lifetime.

This is why we just launched our new StartSmart program—an eight-week strategic and tactical program that leads to your first cross-channel marketing launch in just 60 days.

(P.S. You can sign up for our August 21st StartSmart webinar here to learn more about the program. Webinar kicks off at 10 a.m. Pacific.)

A faster road to data-driven marketing success

So, how exactly does StartSmart cut time to value down by such a large margin?

The answer lies in simplifying and focusing your data efforts.

Because, for years, we’ve been watching clients implement their CDP starting with the data. For months, they’d work on connecting and perfecting every bit of data their organization had access to. Six months. 10 months. However long it took, they were going to start by getting all their data connected and perfected.

It’s a noble thought, but the problem with this approach is that 10 months down the road, you still don’t have real marketing results to show for your efforts. And to keep the c-suite on board, get your teams excited about data-driven marketing, and continue moving forward with this new technology, you need to have something to show for those first six or 10 months of effort.

This is why we created StartSmart, and it’s why the program focuses on a single marketing goal and the data necessary to execute marketing experiences to reach that goal.

Instead of perfecting all your data at once, we walk you through identifying your goal, importing the right data, using that data to discover (quickly) why your customers convert, and building your first experiences on the foundation of that information.

This is the path to quick time-to-value, and it sets you up to build on your success as you continue to gather and clean data, generate more customer insights, design personalized experiences, and chase the rest of your marketing goals.

60 days to a data-driven campaign launch for Pro Football Focus

How do we know StartSmart works? First: Because we’ve been doing this work for a long time. And second: Because Pro Football Focus (PFF) told me so when they finished going through the program—with epic results.

In fact, according to Geoff Beers, Director of Consumer Marketing at PFF, “We created a one-week free trial campaign to get visitors to sign up for one of our products. We leveraged Lytics personalized web experiences to drive traffic and content engagement in addition to other non-Lytics channels. At the end of the campaign, we saw that out of converted visitors, more than 60% were from Lytics experiences. While this was a small initial campaign, we were able to show actual success metrics which got our marketing teams excited and engaged in other ways they could take advantage of Lytics.”

"... we were able to show actual success metrics which got our marketing teams excited and engaged in other ways they could take advantage of Lytics."

So, how did PFF get there so fast? It all started by identifying a strategic goal. In this case: customer acquisition.

From there, our dedicated implementation team helped PFF build out their customer journeys and identify the stages of the journey where customers were most likely to engage and convert.

For Pro Football Focus, this analysis led to four core tactical channels where customers were interacting during key stages of their journey: email, website personalization modals, and Facebook and Google ads.

The team used data on existing customers to create lookalike audiences, identifying which prospects were similar to PFF’s best customers—the customers with the highest lifetime values, deepest engagement, and strongest brand relationships. And from there, the brand focused on several key conversion stages in their customer journey:

First, they wanted to get customers onto the site (through strategies like Facebook ads targeted at those key lookalike audiences).

Then, they needed to take those on-site customers and get them to make a purchase or sign up for an email list (taking an unknown prospect and turning them into a known prospect by collecting their email address).

Regardless of a visitor completing a registration or providing an email, PFF is able to continuously target visitors with the right messages on the right channels because of all of the signals those visitors have been providing - anonymous or not. Some visitors may require more information before sharing their contact information so the more targeted the message and content, the higher the likelihood it'll be shared.

"In the end, 60% of campaign conversions came from Lytics experiences"

In the end, 60% of campaign conversions came from Lytics experiences. And, even better, Geoff says, the StartSmart program prepared his team for future successes. “We launched an entire journey with the consulting experience of Lytics. But now we have the knowledge and experience to take this over on our own…Our team can continuously add, refine, and launch additional journeys and experiences to help us meet future goals.”

Hear from some of the team who worked with Pro Football Focus at our webinar on August 21 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific.

Get smart

Considering Lytics as your CDP? We’re honored, and we’d love to show you how StartSmart can get you to ROI in 60 days.