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How Lytics Customer Dr. Martens Lands 60% Higher Conversions With A Customer Data Platform

Chief Marketer news site recently covered Dr. Martens’ packed talk at Martech conference on how they use Lytics’ customer data platform to improve e-commerce conversions and average order value. The iconic shoe retailer takes advantage of Lytics’ built-in data science to match relevant products to customers and to create a centralized, progressive profile of their customers across marketing channels. The strategy has already seen great results: 60% higher conversion for more targeted audiences as well as a 20% higher average order.

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Our Takeaway

Lytics offers behavioral scoring that allows brands to better match individual customers and would-be customers with the right product lines (e.g., vegan footwear versus leather low-top boots versus artist-series collection). Instead of a one-size-fits-all marketing approach, focusing on a more targeted audience with a relevant message will yield higher conversions and customer engagement every time. Curious how your brand can achieve these results? Feel free to reach out for a demo.

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