Getting your video ads in front of the right audiences

Marketing budgets can be volatile as they contract and expand based on the needs of the company and the environment in which we find ourselves. If you’re on the hunt for tools to help achieve business goals, free or low-cost options are enticing, but instead of piecemealing together dozens of tools, look instead for those that can deliver on the business objectives and value you’re seeking to receive.

For example, Google Ads recently introduced a beta program for its YouTube Video Builder with the goal of providing businesses access to a free tool to create animated ads to run on the platform.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to try video advertising, consider signing up for the beta. But, once you create a video ad, how will you ensure it will get in front of the right audience? Here’s how Lytics can help get your ad viewed by those interested in your brand or are likely to convert.

Turning insights into actions by putting ads in front of those more likely to convert

With the direct integration between Google Ad Platform and Lytics, you can stretch your marketing dollars by focusing on valuable prospects based on the signals they’ve sent. Additionally, by suppressing your existing customers or those who are not likely to engage, you prevent wasting your budget on the wrong people. Of course, user behaviors change often, which is where the real-time syncing between Lytics and Google Ads helps to ensure any audience changes or preferences are continuously up to date.

Whether you use a free tool or are looking to get more value out of purchased tools, using insights based on customer behavior will help you better understand who’s ready to connect with your brand. Learn more on how you can activate Lytics audiences through Google Ads by visiting Learn Lytics.